Promotional T-Shirts for Events

Promotional T-Shirts for Events South Africa- When considering branding for events it is always important to choose a product that’s quality and style matches that of your own corporate image. A brilliant way to show off your brand name as well as give out clear and visible marketing products, a printed t-shirt is an ideal item for every event.

An item both stylish and comfortable, the 180g Printed T-Shirt is a sturdy t-shirt option that makes for a wonderful branded marketing item for events or casual staff wear. With ample room for branding and design, there are endless ways to make this product into the perfect custom item. With a fun and eye-catching design accompanying your logo, this is something that can promote your brand loudly and proudly.

An ideal way to give out a casual branded clothing item that clients and customers can wear on the regular, this allows for effective brand promotion every time the shirt is worn. With printing that supports up to 10 colours and the shirt itself available in a choice of 13 colours, this is an item that can be completely customised to give you the best possible branded t-shirt around.

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