T Shirt Branding

T Shirt Branding – We do two main types of t-shirt branding; printing and embroidery. If you are not sure what type of branding you require, we will help you decide.

Printing on T Shirts

Printing is the most popular option when it comes to promotional t shirts. Printing is used when you want to brand a large or detailed design on your shirts.

We prefer to brand our t shirts with a silk screen print, as it is better quality and longer lasting than a heat transfer. Screen printing is done by applying the colours layer by layer onto the garment using cut out screens.

This method of branding does however place a restriction on the number of colours you are able to use. We can print a maximum of 10 colours, depending on the type of shirt. And because each colour needs a separately cut screen, it becomes more expensive.

If you want a cost effective marketing shirt, try to keep your design to a 1 colour.

screen printing on tshirts

T Shirt Embroidery

Embroidery is generally done on higher quality shirts that are often used as staff uniforms or events. Promotional t shirts are not often branded with embroidery.

Embroidery is a very smart and professional looking method of branding. Most other corporate clothing items such as jackets, golf shirts and work shirts are also branded with embroidery.

The price of embroidery is calculated according to thread count, so the larger your design the more it will cost. The number of colours used do not matter when costing for embroidery.

embroidery t shirt branding


T Shirt Branding

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How Does Screen Printing Work?

Watch this video to see how a 4 colour rotational screen printing machine works.



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